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Free Book of the Month | Logos Bible Software

Free Book of the Month | Logos Bible Software

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Logos Bible Software is single-handedly the world's best Bible study resource. Build your resource library each month with free and highly discounted resources like the ones mentioned on this page. 

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This month, you get double the free books. Starting September 1, Get Scripture: A Guide for the Perplexed by William Lamb—FREE until September 15.

In this guide, Cambridge professor William Lamb surveys the diverse ways theologians engage Scripture, empowering you to compare approaches and read Scripture differently. Improve your understanding of the doctrine of Scripture and its place in the life of the contemporary church.

Shop this free book, plus 15 other commentaries and resources on sale until September 15, including: 

  • John 1–4 (International Critical Commentary Series | ICC), only $6.99
  • Church Dogmatics, Vol. 1: The Doctrine of the Word of God (2 Parts), only $13.99
  • Doing Theology Series (5 vols.), only $19.99

Don’t miss your chance to get this resource for FREE and build your library of commentaries (including International Critical Commentaries), starting at $1.99!

Then starting September 15, add Exploring Galatians: An Expository Commentary by John Phillips to your Logos library for FREE until September 30.

In this commentary, Professor John Phillips provides helpful commentary on the text of Galatians and detailed outlines that are uniquely tagged to shine in Logos Bible Software. Equip yourself with doctrinally sound interpretation that emphasizes the practical application of biblical truth.

Get this free book, plus shop 12 commentaries and resources on sale through September 30, including:

  • John through Old Testament Eyes: A Background and Application Commentary (Through Old Testament Eyes), only $7.99
  • The Unfolding Drama of Redemption: Volume 1: The Prologue and Act I of the Drama Embracing the Old Testament, only $9.99
  • Hebrews: A Commentary for Biblical Preaching and Teaching (Kerux Commentaries | KC), only $10.99

Don’t miss your chance to get this resource for FREE and more study resources, starting at $0.99!

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