Blog Comments Policy

ZealousHomes, LLC encourages and welcomes commenting on our blog. We would also like to thank everyone who takes their time out in posting comments on Christian Site. We love the community that is building around our Site. 

We generally post all the comments which are useful to all of our readers. However, there are certain instances where we edit or delete the comment(s). This includes:

  • Comments that are posted solely for the purpose of promotion.
  • Comments that are spam or have a spammy nature.
  • Comments which use vulgar language or swear words.
  • Comments which are heretical or clearly go against our doctrinal positions which can be found here.
  • Comments that we deem divisive or controversial, solely at our discretion.
  • Comments which attack / harass another person individually.

We recommend everyone to follow our comment policy guidelines to help you keep the blog a constructive place for discussion. We reserve the right to edit or delete comments submitted to this blog at any time without notice. Also, we reserve the right to ban any member who is deemed to have broken this policy's guidelines. The comment policy may be changed at any point of time.

Last Updated: April 30, 2024