What is Biblical Inspiration? | Theology Thursday with ZealousHomes | Episode No. 27

Episode No. 27 | What is Biblical Inspiration? | Theology Thursday with ZealousHomes

Every Thursday, we share a brief episode to help you understand the basics of theology. Each Thursday, we examine a different aspect of Biblical Theology to help you grow in your knowledge of God, apply that knowledge to your life, and share it with your family and friends. Listen in every Thursday for a new Theology Thursday with ZealousHomes! Our goal is to help motivate and support you as you ignite a stunning zeal for your sensational journey!

How can the Bible be bread to live by? How can it be living and active? How can it discern the thoughts and intentions of our hearts? Today, on episode #27, we are going to look at the question of "what is biblical inspiration?" Why is it important? (and) Why does it matter? So put your thinking caps on! We are going to answer the question, “What is Biblical Inspiration?” Wonder anew at the miracle you hold when you pick up your copy of God’s word or open it in the Bible app on your smart phone. Drink deeply from its well and allow it to stoke in your heart the flame of a stunning zeal for your sensational journey in following Christ.

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