Something's Missing: A Prayerful Appeal for Christian Zeal! Part One

Wayne is going to begin to address the lack of and need for Christian zeal. Today, Wayne gets a little personal and tells you his backstory. He lets you know how he has come to understand what zeal looks like and why we need it. In the next show, he will dive into the Scriptures and explain what Christian zeal is and how we can begin to set ourselves on a pathway toward igniting a stunning zeal in our own lives. We hope you enjoy. Below is a link to the original blog article that this podcast is based upon. 

We would also love to hear from you! Tell us what kind of questions or topics you would like for us to address in future shows. As always, Live Zealously!

A Prayerful Appeal for Christian Zeal, Part 1 | ZealousHomes

October 6, 2022 | In PART 1 of our 2 PART series, we address the problem of a lack of Christian zeal. We get personal and lay out our prayerful appeal.

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