Seven of the Most Offensive Costumes Christians Can Wear

October 31st is right around the corner. You may call that day Halloween or Reformation Day. Yet, no matter what we call it, people the world over will be dressing up in their favorite costumes to celebrate. Now some of these costumes are innocent and fun. Think ladybugs and pumpkins, superheroes and princesses. ‌

But some of the costumes are downright harsh. Serial killers, demons, devils, witches, monsters, skeletons, and even scantily-clad immodest temptresses. As bad as those costumes are, and they are bad from a Christian worldview - let’s make no mistake about that, there are a few costumes people who claim to know Christ wear that are downright offensive. Worst yet is the fact that these costumes can be worn year-round, not only at Halloween. Those who wear these costumes either are unaware of the spiritual adornment. Or they are wearing them in open rebellion against God's expressed will.

Many different costumes could go into this category, but today we are going to look at only seven. What are these costumes? Why are they so offensive? What can we do about them? Listen to find out! ‌#getyourzealouson!

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