Introducing our new ZealousHomes Podcast

Introducing the Stunningly New ZealousHomes Podcast!

Written by: M. Wayne Sullivan



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🎙️ Exciting News! 🎉 Introducing The ZealousHomes Podcast! 🎧

Hey there, Zealous Nation! We're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new venture: The ZealousHomes Podcast! 🎙️✨ For those who are new here, Zealous Christian Gear by ZealousHomes isn't your ordinary business. We're on a mission to help you ignite a stunning zeal for your sensational journey as you follow Christ!✨

We're on a mission to help you ignite a stunning zeal for your sensational journey as you follow Christ!

Wayne Sullivan ~ ZealousHomes, LLC Founder & CEO

With our carefully curated collection of blog articles, (now podcasts, yay), and a full array of Christian Gear, we aim to transform the way you approach life by helping you to live your zeal, wear your zeal, and share your zeal for your faith in Christ everywhere you go!

But wait, there's more! 🌟

Our new podcast, "The ZealousHomes Podcast," is your backstage pass to all things zealous Christians love. 🎧 Join us as we dive deep into topics like Christian living, tips to better share your faith, marriage and family, parenting, church and ministry life, Bible and Theology, inspiring stories from our ZealousHomes community, and conversations with special guests who share our zeal for Christian living that nurtures our soul. We promise you'll walk away feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to infuse a little extra joy into your everyday life after listening to the ZealousHomes Podcast.

Here's where you come in! 🚀

We'd love for you to be a part of this exciting journey with us. Follow and subscribe to The ZealousHomes Podcast on your favorite podcast platform to stay updated on our latest episodes. One of the cool features of our ZealousHomes Podcast is that you can leave us a voice message that will allow us to include you in one of our future podcasts. While you are there you can interact with our content by asking questions or giving us a great review.

And guess what? 

If you feel led to, you can easily support our ZealousHomes Podcast for as little as $0.99 per month! Your support helps us continue producing quality content that uplifts and inspires our amazing community. Together, we can make every house a home filled with love, laughter, and zealous devotion to Christ. 💖

So what are you waiting for?

Listen to our ZealousHomes Podcast today! Don't forget to smash that subscribe button, join our Zealous Nation, and let's embark on this exciting adventure together! 🎉✨

Don't forget to spread the word!

Share this post with your friends, family, and fellow believers, and let's make The ZealousHomes Podcast the go-to destination for all Zealous Christians. Thank you for your incredible support—we couldn't do it without you! 🙌

✨ Happy listening! 🎧

Joyfully His,

The ZealousHomes Team

P.S. You can follow the simple instructions on the following graphic to either send us a voice message, offer us your support, or to just listen in each week as we encourage you to "Live Zealously for Christ."

Founder & Editor at ZealousHomes, LLC.

M. Wayne Sullivan, M.Div.

Hey there! I am the Founder here at ZealousHomes. I am a deeply blessed with a loving wife, Crystal, and our two cherished daughters. I have served in Christian ministry for over 26 years and currently serves as the pastor of not one, but two great churches: Zealous Church and Lighthouse Baptist Church. I also serve as the host on our ZealousHomes Podcast. I love spending time with my family, reading with a cup of coffee, photography, graphic design, and writing articles that will benefit my brothers and sisters in Christ! 

Through ZealousHomes, my vision is to glorify Jesus Christ by living zealously for Him. Though I'm far from perfect, I aspire to inspire others to embrace their own spiritual journey with zeal and fervor. Join me as we navigate life's challenges and triumphs, all while striving to ignite a stunning zeal of faith in the hearts of many who endeavor to venture on the sensational journey of following Jesus Christ.

Join the Journey!

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