7 Zealous Safety Tips For Halloween

Top 7 Zealous Safety Tips For Halloween

Please share these safety tips for Halloween with your family and friends!

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Safety Tips for Halloween
7 Zealous Safety Tips for Halloween

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Haunting times are back!

Keep safety in mind. It will save your behind.

Remember: only spook when spoken to.

Don't take time for a coffin break.

Trick or Treat. Be so sweet. Give me something good to eat.

Show them Christians can laugh and have fun in a bootiful way!

Remember the ghoul times! But look forward to the best holiday coming soon!

Have a bootiful Halloween!


Safety Tips for Halloween Matter!

You can find a report from safekids.org that details more safety information and statistics from Halloween. In it you will learn sad information like the number of kids hit by cars on Halloween. While it is sad, it is also helpful to know and be informed of ways to prevent it. As parents, let's all work together to insure a safer future for our children. Be zealous about your children!

Get informed! Get prepared!

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